A Seamless Approach

Using our own specialist machinery and equipment, we can carry out installation through either open (trenching) or closed (directional drilling) excavation methods, as best suited to your requirements, while our in-house qualified electricians will take care of the connections, safety testing and inspections.

From conception to completion, we manage the entire process liaising with all industry partners and suppliers on your behalf, so you only deal with us.

Our Services

  • Rural & Residential
    Power, water and phone/internet services for homes, sheds & minor dwellings
  • Subdivisions & Developments
    Connections for small-scale developments and private subdivisions
  • Commercial & Industrial
    High-capacity power supply, water and phone/internet services
  • Overhead to Underground Conversions
    Upgrading of private overhead power lines to underground
  • Underground Cable Locating
    Locating and mapping of existing underground electrical services

Our Process

  • Consult
    We will meet with you in person or chat over the phone to understand your requirements and complete an in-depth assessment of your property.
  • Design
    Our expert team will design a practical and cost-effective plan tailored to your specific needs that aligns with your budget and timeframe expectations. You will receive a detailed quote within 48 hours.
  • Plan
    We liaise with your applicable power/network provider, retailer, and inspector, coordinating a schedule of work for your project.
  • Execute
    Our team will carry out the agreed work as efficiently as possible within the scheduled timeframe, while maintaining a clean and tidy work site.
  • Manage
    Your project will remain in our capable hands from start to finish and your elected project manager will keep in close communication throughout the process.
  • Handover
    On completion of your project, you will be provided with compliance paperwork signed by a registered electrician, and a map outlining the precise location on your underground line(s) to safeguard against strikes or damage during any future development work to your property.

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